Viva Lost Wages

I’ve seen it on Full House, Saved by the Bell and many other timeless television series, but I had never seen it for myself.

Las Vegas, Nevada  – Otherwise known as Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World, the City of Lights. Whatever you refer to Las Vegas as, it’s a place where time stops for the duration of your trip.

So, when I found out I was able to go, you bet your bottom dollar I didn’t hesitate.

It was the morning of July 23, 2015, when I boarded the plane that would take me out west for the very first time in my life. At that point, Ohio was literally the farthest west I had ever gone (stop laughing).

After an almost four hour flight, the wheels of our Southwest plane had finally touched down on some western turf. Thank God it did too because the typical bachelor bros a row behind me were getting even more vocal with their f-word fueled inanities.

Anyways – I’m not here to bore you with my entire trip’s itinerary so here are some of the highlights.

Venetian Hotel

We stayed in the Venetian which was amazing on so many levels.

The Venetian's pool

The Venetian’s pool(s) were unbelievable. If you’ve been to Vegas you know just how hot it can get, I mean after all, it’s in the middle of a desert. But, despite the extremely hot temperatures the pool water was refreshing. I like to think of it as the eighth wonder of the world.

Venetian Pool

A $12 beer never tasted so delicious. These beers were light on calories and heavy on the wallet.

Venetian Lobby

This is just one of the lobbies in the Venetian. Let that one sink in.

Vegas Strip at Night

Vegas at night was like Vegas during the day – awesome.

All in all, my trip to Las Vegas was an unbelievable experience. If you’ve never been, I highly suggest that you book a trip very, very soon. You won’t regret it.


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