Boylan Bottling Co.

I had just polished off the last bite of my delicious chicken picatta dish when my family decided that we were going to make our way to Tria Cafe, a trendy restaurant located in Philadelphia’s bustling Rittenhouse Square.

As I waddled my way to the bar at Tria, I decided that I couldn’t possibly drink another sip of alcohol. After all, we had just left the restaurant which was a BYOB – which to me translates to “Bring Your Own Buzz.” My fiance and I, sans a glass for my mom, nearly polished off a double bottle of Pinot Grigio (cRaZy).

So, as the mature adult that I am, or because of the mere fact that I knew one more drink would send me over the edge, I called an audible and opted for a Diet Coke.

“We don’t have Diet Coke…”

“OK… Diet Pepsi is fine.”

“We don’t have Diet Pepsi…”


“We have a tasty organic soda!”


Though I was confused, I agreed and in less than a minute this curious bottle  was placed before me.

Boylan Bottling Company

It was a Diet Cola from the Boylan Bottling Co., a gourmet soft-drink manufacturer from New Jersey.

I took a sip and it was delicious! There wasn’t that filmy aftertaste that you get from the likes of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. The chemical taste wasn’t there and my insides didn’t feel like they were immediately rotting. A little dramatic? Maybe? But the case in point it was great.



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