How to Reduce Stress with Exercise

I think we can all agree, stress sucks. It’s inevitable but you don’t have to let it control you. Learn how to reduce stress with this simple tip.

Stress is your body’s response to any sort of demand whether it’s good or bad. Whether we like it or not, stress isn’t going away, in fact, it’s here to stay. Eliminating stress in its entirety is virtually impossible.

Actually you could, but that would entail  having your memory erased and crawling in a cave to sit in silence. Some days that sounds good, but let’s be real we get one life to live (not the soap opera). So, since we can’t hide away somewhere, there are ways to reduce stress in your life, one of which is through exercise.

Being active is just as important for your mental health as it is for your physical health. Exercise can give you the mental boost that you need to help calm your mind and reduce those daily stressors.

So, whether it’s a jog around the park, spinning class, yoga or really any form of exercise in between, staying active can act as a great stress reliever.

Let’s explore how working out can reduce stress and why you should set aside time in your busy schedule to exercise each day.

Cause I got high – No, not that kind of high. I’m talking about the endorphins that are released when a person is working out. These feel-good neurotransmitters act as mood elevators. You know the saying “runner’s high,” that’s in reference to the good feelings of optimism and relaxation that endorphins produce in the body. You can experience this mood lifter by participating in virtually any exercise – not just running!

How Exercise can Reduce Stress

Moody much? – Did you know that regular exercise boosts self-confidence, can relax you and decrease the symptoms that are often associated with anxiety and mild depression? All of these health benefits can help stabilize a person’s mood by easing stress levels and creating a sense of power over of his or her body and mental state. So,lace up those gym shoes and quit being a Moody Trudy.

Ohmmm – When you exercise, you more than likely unplug from the outside world for the duration of your workout  and are focused on one thing; the exercise at hand. It’s in these moments that the stressors of daily life are placed on the back burner and only one thing matters and that’s your body’s movement. This in essence is your own version of meditation.  Repeat after me: Namast’ay in this gym until I finish my workout. 

In conclusion, exercise is a great stress manager. Remember, 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise can help calm your nerves and help you better handle stressful situations.

So get out there, whether you’re Jazzercising, walking around the neighborhood or even training for a marathon – make it a point to be physically active each day and kick your stress to the curb.



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