6 Health Benefits of Water

H2”Oh” you’re going to love what I have to say.

“You need water to live,” said Captain Obvious. But, why is it so hard for people to consume the recommended eight-eight-ounce glasses of water a day?

6 Health Benefits of Water

For me, sometimes I feel like a camel with the amount of water that I drink in a day, but for others, it’s a different story. So, for those who are trying to drink more water throughout the day, here’s some motivation to chug that glass of water like you would a beer at a bar.

Let’s start by saying that the body is made of 80 percent water. Nearly 85 percent of your brain is made of water, your blood is about 80 percent water and 70 percent of lean muscle is water.

If those stats don’t show you the importance of water for your health, let me explain even more.

Here are six reasons why drinking water is important.

Quarterback – Think of water as the quarterback position in football. Just as the quarterback runs the plays and makes sure that every key player is doing what they are supposed to do, so too does water for the body. Water plays such an integral role in essentially every bodily function. This is why dehydration leads to issues like daytime fatigue, fuzzy memory and the inability to focus to name a few. In the end, score a touchdown every day by drinking lots of water!

Drink water, be happy – A good mood and water go hand in hand. Why? Because water leaves us feeling refreshed and can actually improve your overall mood. Even the slightest case of dehydration can negatively affect your mood. Though water isn’t a magic pill for happiness, it can help flush your mind of the negative thoughts that might run through your day throughout the day and improve your overall mental state.

Let’s face it – Do you want a better complexion? Drink water. By guzzling H2O, you’ll fend off breakouts by decreasing the concentration of oil on your skin. But, if you choose to skip out on water, this can lead to dehydration which will make your skin look dry and wrinkled. Can I get an H 2 the hell no on that one?

Health is wealth – Water is rich with health benefits. If you constantly neglect to drink water, you’re opening yourself up to what was called Chronic Cellular Dehydration (talk about a mouthful). In laymen’s terms, this condition is brought on because your body’s cells are never hydrated enough which in turn leaves them in a weakened state. This makes you susceptible to illness because weakened cells lead to a weakened immune system.

6 Health Benefits of Water

Sayonara hunger – The struggle to quiet your stomach is real. So to combat your growling stomach, consider drinking water which is a natural appetite suppressant. Not only does water help calm your hunger pangs, it also helps the body metabolize stored fat. In fact, an increase in water consumption can actually reduce fat deposits.

Water game strong – Lack of water can lead to muscle fatigue because of the imbalance of fluids and electrolytes. When your strong muscles don’t get enough water, they don’t work as well which directly will affect your performance and not for the better. Though it seems obvious, water is a crucial piece to the puzzle both before and after physical activity.

So, if you’ve been struggling to drink your daily dose of water, keep these six tips in mind and chug, chug, chug!

There are plenty of ways to trick yourself into drinking more water. Stay tuned for my tips and ideas on how to sneak water into your day!

And no, it’s not this:

6 Health Benefits of Water




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