How to Prepare for an Interview if you’re a Millennial

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m a millennial.

Millennials get a bad-rap and sometimes rightfully so. But, there are young adults of this generation that kick butt and take names.

For those who are struggling to find their way in life all the while searching for a job that’ll pay their school loans, a job interview can decide whether you stand on your two feet and grow up or get sent to your room – your childhood room.

But, that’s enough gloom and doom. Spoken from a true millennial, I can see why people of our generation are underprepared. After all, we’ve lived in a world where everything is at our fingertips. So, “old school” tactics like bringing a hard-copy resume to your interview sounds archaic and something that you’ve read in the history books.

Today, I’m here to prove otherwise with my three tips on how to prepare for an interview if you’re a millennial.

Print your resume – Even though we live in a digital world, always, always did I say always – print out your resume when going to an interview. Don’t print only one – print multiple copies. You never know how many people you’ll meet with that day. Another tip is to not print your resume on regular computer paper. Go out to Staples or Office Max and pick up a pack of resume paper. This paper is thicker and more professional than your average computer paper.

Dress to impress – When picking out an outfit for your interview, ignore the impulse to want to wear your best bar-hopping dress or your new pair of Jordan’s. No matter how nice your closet is, be sure to look professional. Here’s a quick rundown


  • Button-down blouse (Yes, I said blouse. Yes, I’m 24. Whatever.)
  • A conservative, business length skirt. Think at or right-above the knee.
  • A nice pair of plain heels. Those strappy gladiator sandals are cute but not for a job interview.


  • Shirt and tie. No ifs, ands or buts. Find a nice shirt and tie combo and rock it.
  • Tailored pants. An unkempt interviewee will leave an impression and not a good one. Make sure your pants are tailored to YOU, not the mannequin in the store.
  • Dress shoes – Get out your dad’s shoe-buffing set and make those babies shine.

In the end, if you have to second guess your outfit, you better head back to your closet. You can be trendy but you should also be conservative. Try and find a fine-line between the both.

Ask questions – Sure you’re going into an interview to be grilled by your possible-future employer. But, you’ll be expected to come with questions of your own. Do your research on the company and craft questions based on what you’ve read. Here are a few good questions:

  • What skills and experiences are you looking for in an ideal candidate?
  • What have you enjoyed most about working at this company?
  • What is the company culture like here?

In the end, vintage is in and though these tips may seem out-of-date, they’re a surefire way to help your efforts at landing your dream job. These three tips, plus an impressive resume and a glowing personality are all important pieces to the employment puzzle.

Good luck!



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