Three Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

It’s cliché but, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

This saying applies to a lot in life but today, I’m associating it with meal prepping.

Now, I’ve always been one for leading a healthy lifestyle. I’m not going to bore you with the details but, I’ll let you know that I consider myself to be athletic. From playing basketball, soccer and softball growing up to now being a runner, wannabe-yogi and workout video enthusiast, I care about my body.

You get one body in this lifetime so it’s important to treat it with love and care and one way to do so is through exercise and healthy eating.

I’m only human and one of my many forms of kryptonite is my portion-distortion. I love to eat and the more food the better. However, after many years I realized that I simply can’t eat whatever I want whenever I want unless I want to pack on some extra pounds.

One way that I firmly stand behind that has helped me stay honest and stay on track 80% of the time (80/20 rule- 80% good, 20% not-so good eating) is meal prepping for the week.

Now, I’m by no means a body builder who’s eating 10 ounces of lean fish, two cups plain broccoli and a sweet potato five times a day. I’m more of the functional-meal prepper that portions out my lunches.

Today, I’m going to share with you my top three reasons why meal prepping at least one meal a week is crucial to help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals!

  1. Time saver ­– Let’s face it, you probably wish your mom still packed your lunch. But, since a Lunchables and a Capri Sun are likely out of the equation, it’s up to you to take the reins and pack your own lunch. What I like about meal prepping is that I do it on the weekends. I usually make chicken so I get a bag of frozen chicken breasts and on Saturday night before bed I add it to the crock pot with the seasoning of the week and turn it on low. When I wake up Sunday morning, my chicken is ready and raring to be shredded. On Sunday, I set aside about an hour to cook my veggies and then measure out my chicken, vegetable and carb of the week portions. I usually do 1/3 cup of chicken and 1/3 cup of each vegetable and voila for all five of my containers. Every morning before work all that I have to do is reach in the fridge and take out my pre-portioned container and I’m on my merry way.
  2. Smart choices – The likelihood of stopping to get fast food during lunch decreases when you’ve spent the money and time preparing your lunches for the week. Not to mention, you’ll already have a smart choice penciled in to your day’s daily menu when you meal prep. So ditch the burger and fries and opt for your healthy pre-portioned lunch.
  3. Money in the bank – Going out for lunch at work is extremely expensive. You likely can’t go out and get a healthy meal for less than $10 at best. But, for me, when I meal prep I save a ton of money. Here’s a look at an example grocery list. Mind you, these are just rough estimates of the price points. What I’m about to show you is the grocery list that’s split between me and my fiancé!
  • 1 – 48 ounce bag frozen chicken breasts – $10
  • 4 bags of vegetables – Depending on the sale usually $6-$7
  • 2 bags of microwaveable brown rice – Usually $6

So, this means that for a week of meals for my fiancé and me, it’s about $23, divided by two is $11-$12 which averages out to be about $2.50 A DAY for lunch. I challenge you to try to find a lunch spot where you’ll get quality, tasty and healthy food for less than $5. Odds are you can’t and if you do, you’ll be starving in a matter of an hour. I rest my case.

These were just three of the main reasons why I love meal prepping. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for my favorite crockpot recipes that I use to spice up my weekly meals!

Have you always wanted to meal prep but don’t know where to begin? Leave a comment – I can help!


4 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

  1. I am a 74 yo female with many physical issues. I will be getting some IHSS hours soon and will begin the search for a provider who can take charge of my kitchen, shop, prep, cook and clean up. I need some kind of a plan to present to this kitchen wonder, so I can just rest assured there’s clean food ready for me, and she/he will leave the pans on the stove for me to heat the food so I don’t have to bend over to get them out of the cupboard, and don’t have to lift them up from the stovetop except to dish it up. I plan to do a lot of green veggie juices too. I’ve just started learning about nutrition and prepping food in the past five years, so I still need lots of support in the planning/shopping/prepping/cooking… and I have the list of alkalinizing foods, so I will be feeling much better soon ~ especially with the tips from you! Thanks to you for all you do!
    Rev. Allorrah Be, CAHt.
    Mobile Minister
    Circles of Light Ministries
    Sebastopol, California

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m extremely happy that you found my blog to be beneficial. I hope that your new journey in creating a lasting, healthy lifestyle is great! Good luck to you and here’s to healthy eating! 🙂 You can do it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you… I’m watching Dr. John Bergman heal people of arthritis, fibro, diabetes, all kinds of things; he’s amazing! I watch him teaching other chiropractic peeps and he’s just SO smart and “connected” in ways very few people are. So inspirational.


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