4 PINTERESTing Facts to Help Build Your Brand

Every day, social media continues to evolve and solidifies itself as the axis to which business’ marketing efforts turn.

Social media sites act as the megaphone for companies to spread their message all the while increasing engagement with existing customers and attracting new consumers. By showing not telling their followers what their brand has to offer, social media is a must.

Today, I’m covering Pinterest, a social media platform that gives its users the ability to share photos and videos with people from all over the world.

Without further ado, let’s pin down my top four Pinterest tips.

4 Pinterest TIps

Picture this“Pictures say a thousand words.” An oldie but a goodie for sure and this quote holds true for Pinterest. This social outlet can help brands tell their stories through pictures and videos. Let’s say you’re the owner of a coffee shop. You’ve just become a member of Pinterest and you want to create a pinboard about what inspires you. Rather than coming up with a simple title like, “Inspiration,” you create a board titled, “Highly Caffeinated” which include pins that give you a boost of creativity, inspiration and motivation to be the best coffee shop owner that you can be. Enticing titles help draw users in to clicking through your pins.

Let’s get visual – It goes without saying that Pinterest is all about the visuals, baby. It’s this foundation that provides users with almost an endless scrolling experience of engaging content. That’s why your pins should look professional and visually appealing. Pinterest lends itself to a whole new avenue of brand building through back-links (hyperlinks from one page to another). These fabulous little back-links can take a Pinterest user from your picture right to your website or other content-rich sources. Back-links are a key player in SEO ranking and can potentially help bolster your brand’s ranking. But, they won’t be effective if you don’t create visually-engaging content!

Why so serious? – Pinterest isn’t all fun and games. Actually, it is but, what I mean by this is that Pinterest can help you position yourself as an expert/influencer in your industry. This in turn builds your credibility. Let’s go back to the coffee shop idea. Now, you want to create a pinboard that features your menu inspirations. This type of board has the potential to not only attract new customers, but it can also help increase your credibility as a business and help position your brand as an information resource for others in your industry. Your boards can add value and help attract future customers as well as keep existing customers intrigued all the while positioning your brand as a trend setter and expert in your industry – a definite perc – get it? Like percolate your coffee? No? OK.

Pin-appeal“Pin the pin on my pinboard.” No, this isn’t a new game to play at a kid’s birthday party. The “Pin It” tool is something you’ll definitely want to install in order to pin things quickly and efficiently to your boards. This icon encourages people to engage and share your content and other’s content whether it’s an image or video to their pinboards.

Pinterest isn’t just a social platform for young girls planning their fairytale wedding. I can say that because I am in fact currently planning my fairytale wedding. But, this social site is a powerful tool to keep in your branding arsenal. Your boards should be filled with relevant content that’ll help you position yourself as an expert and influencer in your industry!

Those were my four PINTERESTing tips. What are yours?

Happy pinning everyone!


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