How to Create a Positive Day with These Four Tips

How you wake up in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.

You’ve likely overslept or forgot to set an alarm. You wake up only to realize you’re late! You rush around getting ready in a panic, head out the front door in a fury just to make it to work on time.

From that moment on, your day is out of sorts, your anxiety is peaking, and adrenaline is rushing through your veins like a garden hose that’s just been turned on. You can’t snap out of it.

Those mornings are the worst! Luckily, those instances are hopefully few and far between!

Now, let’s get back to your normal morning so I can show you positive changes you can make to set your day on the right path!

positive day

It’s quite alarming –Your alarm goes off – It’s time to get up! Keep your hands to yourself and leave the snooze button alone. When you wake up, make sure that the first thought you have is a positive one. Whether you’re religious or not, the first thing I do when I wake up is thank God for another day. If you’re not religious, then just put forth feelings of gratitude that you’ve been given another chance to chase after your dreams! Now get out of bed and get those feet on the floor or you’re going to be late.

Make a routine – I’m a sucker for a good routine! It makes getting up in the morning that much easier when you’re on autopilot. If you don’t have a routine just yet, it’s never too late to start one. A morning routine could consist of waking up and giving thanks, going to the bathroom because let’s face it, we all wake up with our bladder one milliliter away from bursting, shower, hair/make up. Whatever it is, you get what I’m saying. Set yourself up for success by incorporating consistency into your schedule.

JAVA the Hutt – I’m about to hit you with some realness. There’s no such thing as me being a functioning human in society without me having my morning cup of coffee. {Dunkin Donuts – Only! Hey DD, I’m open for endorsements :)} Anyways people have their quirks and things that make them happy. For me, it’s coffee (and lots of it). But, whatever it is, whether you like to meditate, read the paper, or leaf through Instagram to see what you missed while you were sleeping, make time for it! Allow yourself time in the morning to enjoy the things you love before your crazy day begins. You work hard, you deserve it. So treat yoself!

Planning for success – Get a planner and learn to love it! The word PLAN is part of a planner so naturally, this little notebook- most likely overpriced if Lily Pullitzer (that’s just me being jealous because I can’t afford it) is going to help you stay organized. First things first, before you even open one email at work, plan out your day. Write down the most important tasks you want to accomplish and get it done! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as crossing an item off your checklist. OK, I lied. A fresh, untouched jar of peanut butter is pretty satisfying too. But, that’s beside the point. Get into the habit of writing things down because this will help you stay on task and motivated to motor through your list!

These are just four of my tips to create a positive morning.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks because there’s more where this came from!

So people, wake up and give thanks, do something that makes you happy, write down your priorities and begin your day on a positive note!


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