4 Twitter Tips to Build Your Business

I’m about to drop some Twitter knowledge on you. Keep reading!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the Twitter10K. Today, I’m back with some more tips for this social media platform.

I’m just going to cut right to the chase and dive in to my four Twitter tips to help you build your business.


Twitter is all about consistency. A stale Twitter profile is a recipe for lost followers and no engagement. As the old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life,” and this definitely applies to your business’ Twitter profile. When you have a Twitter profile, it’s a commitment. You have to be committed to updating your profile and keeping your followers engaged and interested. One way to keep your audience intrigued is to regularly change your profile bio when your company receives a new award or accolade. By changing up your bio, you’ll be able to reach more and more people who are interested in these topics.


I have a mantra that I want you to repeat over and over again, “Short, tweet and to the point.” Sure that might not make too much sense, but I’ll clarify. Whenever you’re adding content to your profile whether it’s a tweet or an update to your bio, be sure that it’s concise. At its core, Twitter is a forum that promotes short and sweet messages. When using Twitter to build your business remember to craft an informative sentence or two and relay the most important pieces of information that you want your audience to know up front. In short, figure out what’s important, articulate your message in a clear, compelling manner and hit send. Alright everyone, it’s time to repeat after me – “Short, tweet and to the point.”


“Hitting the links,” isn’t just a golfing term anymore. Rather, it’s a social media term. Adding links to your Twitter profile is a great way to bring your audience to the main source of information; your website! Twitter offers its users a link option where you can add your company’s website address as a shortened URL. My favorite is Hootsuite’s Ow.ly – Check it out! Adding a full link to a tweet just takes up space and you know when it comes to Twitter, space is at a premium.  So when you want to add a link either back to your website or another news source, definitely save characters and shorten your link.


No, not jazzercise, I’m talking about humanizing your Twitter profile. “Your followers are important,” thank you Captain Obvious for that quick PSA.  But, he’s got a point.  Let’s just say that you went through the previous steps that I laid out for you. GREAT! I’m proud of you. But, it’s all for not if you don’t have an audience. Unless you have an audience to share your awesome content with, your content is irrelevant. Sorry for the burn but sometimes the truth hurts. Believe me I’ve been there before.

Let me set the scene for you, so you have your personal Twitter account. You likely follow your favorite athletes and celebrities and tweet at them from time to time. Finally, that one day, the heavens open wide and your favorite celeb responds to your tweet! For that moment in time your world stops, the stars align and you momentarily think you’re BFFs.

OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get what I’m saying.

The case in point is that whenever someone that you follow and admire responds to your tweets, it creates a certain sense of community, a connection between the brand and the person.

Take this example and translate this to your company’s Twitter page and always, always, (did I say always?) be responsive to your followers.

The next time you log on to your company’s Twitter account, keep these four tips in mind.

Happy tweeting!


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