5 Reasons you Should Blog for your Business

Blogs are everywhere. Whether it’s a health and wellness-centric blog, a lifestyle blog and anything in between, blogs are a necessary platform to use when building your brand.

The world of blogging is a place where you want to live to communicate to consumers about your products, your company’s news and much more.

So, let’s dive right in to why blogs are important for building your brand.

Hello, it’s me – Having a company blog is extremely beneficial when trying to build you brand. How so? Well, for starters, it acts as a bridge that begins with your brands and leads to your target audience and potential leads. Furthermore, a blog allows you to strengthen the relationships that you have already created with customers because with each post, you’re adding credibility to your brand’s name.

Show your expertise – Blogs are the perfect platform to showcase and promote your expertise in your industry. Whether you have a small company or a large company, a blog is meant to build your brand’s trust through your woods and to boost your credibility. That credibility isn’t just for customers but to your industry as well.  Over time, your ultimate goal will be to transform your blog into a “go to” source for anything and everything industry related.

ByeRobot ­– Blogs offer you the chance to humanize your business and your brand. Maintaining a consistent blog allows you to showcase to the public a more personal side. People love behind-the-scenes look at their favorite brands. Just think of Snapchat during an award show. You get the juicy scoop of what goes on beyond what we see on TV – it’s like we have an all-access pass. Humanizing your blog shows your audience that your brand is more than just a product or service. It’s a company that’s manned by people just like them.

SEO or bust –  How do you get your blog in front of the right audience? The answer is three little letters SEO (search engine optimization). These keywords play a significant role in helping get your content in front of the right people. It’s true, search engines such as Google love fresh content. Through consistently blogging and utilizing the right keywords, you give Google, along with other popular search engines, a fresh batch of new copy that’s just waiting to be seen by your audience. In short, the more valuable content that you have on your blog, the better your brand’s chances are of being found on the web.

Team effort – Just as your blog allows you to showcase your brand and your employees, it’s also the perfect outlet for your employees to showcase their talents. Your blog can act as the meeting ground where your employees can contribute to writing blogs about any topic that relates to their job and your industry. Not only will your readers get the 411 on what’s new within your company, it’ll also keep your blog content fresh and fun – something search engines love.

So, the next time that you log on to add a blog post, keep these ideas in mind and know that you’re garnering brand credibility, boosting SEO rankings, increasing web traffic and building and maintaining relationships with customers.

In conclusion, it just makes sense to blog when building your brand!


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