Humanizing your Brand: The Skin, Bones and Brains Behind the Operation

Each and every day, we are inundated with brands. 

Think about it. The second you step outside of your house, there are advertisements everywhere. On the bus, subway, billboards, storefronts, you name it – it’s labeled.

Not to mention, social media is teeming with brands vying for their target audience’s attention. In short, branding is everywhere in many different capacities.

As a Content Manager, I work alongside a lot of client’s as they work to enrich their brand and expand their reach to the people who care about their products/services.

But, to the point that I made earlier, social media and the Internet in general is teeming with advertisements that are targeted and tweaked to reach the right person at the right time. Social media advertising is a science – a little of this, a pinch of that, sprinkle in this demographic, charge this much money and BOOM. You’ve got yourself an advertisement that sells.

Of course, it’s not that easy. Paid advertisements take a lot of skill, thought, and creativity and in some cases money.

But, that’s a whole different story for another time. Today, I’m focusing on organic posting and how to humanize your brand through social media.

It sounds counterintuitive – humanize your brand through social media.

Social media has gotten a bad rap because it allows people to hide behind their computer or phone screen and speak their mind (likely something they’d never ever have the gumption to say face to face). This practice in turn dehumanizes social media, it takes away the personal connection and instead replaces it with a means to be just that – mean.

But, that’s not the case when it comes to brands on social media. In fact, social media gives brands the opportunity to put names to products, people to work and a company culture to support the brand.

Social media’s job is to display this in front of the masses and it’s your job to capture it.

How do you capture it? You start first by capturing your culture. Who are the people that drive your business? Who builds your products? These are the humans that you need to showcase. Doing such, puts faces to the brand, it makes it real, it breaks down the mysterious barrier that’s been created that separates consumers from the brands they love.

Let your employees leave their mark. Of course, you’ll want to create guidelines and set expectations. After all you don’t want to have to do damage control (a blog on this topic is on its way). What I’m suggesting is that you allow your employees to voice their opinions through blog posts, quotes and their take on trends via social media. All these puts a voice to the banter that’s seen on social media profiles.

Get rid of robots whenever you can. It all depends on your company and its size. If you don’t have the bandwidth, automation is a lucrative solution. However, if you do have the opportunity, using humans not robots to interact with consumers is a sure way to build a trustworthy relationship. In times of distress, there’s nothing worse than getting sent to an automated system that puts you through the motions. You want people. You want dialogue. You want answers. THIS is what humans are capable of.

Finally, don’t talk like a robot. When consumers interact with your brand they don’t want Smarter Child from AIM to answer, or maybe they do if they feel like having some fun. But, they likely want a response that sounds like a human being with fingers typed it. This is an easssssyyy way to create a connection. A simple response that’s infused with character, emotion and information speaks volumes in comparison to a canned response. Take time to investigate the type of language your competitors are using and how your target audience reacts, from there customize your own approach.

Humanizing your brand shouldn’t be an arduous task. It should be natural. After all, you are human…right?

What are some ways you showcase the skin, bones and brains of your company? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.


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