Three Reasons You Should Start Drinking Green Tea

Pinkies up, people!

Green tea is more than just a delicious taste; it’s a healthful powerhouse that you should consider adding to your daily regimen.

Throughout history, green tea has been used as a beverage that’s chock full of medicinal benefits like lowering blood pressure and preventing cancer. The benefits of green tea boil down (see what I did there?) to the way that the tea is processed.

You see, black tea is processed in a way that it allows for fermentation while the processing of green tea actually avoids fermentation. As a result, green tea doesn’t lose any antioxidants or polyphenols which are what give the tea its benefits.

Beyond the way that it’s processed, green tea is also packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and that kick-in-the-pants you need (caffeine) to keep you going.

Check out these three reasons you should be sippin’ on green tea.

Fit test

These are two magic words that everyone wants to hear. Yes, you read that right, of the many benefits of green tea, one of them could actually be that it’s a fat burner. Though there’s not conclusive evidence to back up these claims, green tea in addition to exercise resulted in 36% belly fat per research in mice. Does this research apply to mice and men? The jury’s still out but, to this point, green tea has also been linked to an increase in the metabolism. Those polyphenols that I mentioned before intensify the levels of fat oxidation as well as the rate that your body turns food into hard-working calories.

No way to tooth decay

There have been studies that have shown the chemical “catechin” that’s found in green tea can help destroy bacteria and viruses that cause infections of the throat and other dental conditions. Case and point – drink green tea and you can save your pearly whites.

Brain booster

Drinking green tea can improve memory. After countless studies, a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) found that green tea increased the connectivity in the cortices of the brain and increased connectivity in the important parts of the brain that are connected to memory.

Of course, there are plenty of health benefits where these came from but, I just wanted to give you some insight on why green tea should be your drink of choice.

Bottoms up!


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