Three Twitter Tricks You’ll Want to Use

In celebration of Twitter’s 10th birthday, I’m sharing with you three Twitter tricks that you’re going to want to use. 

Twitter is all about being concise and still packing a poignant message.

Space is at a minimum on this platform. Whether it’s the bio or the actual tweet, you get a certain amount of characters to work with and you want to make them special. Nothing’s worse than having a great idea only to realize you’ve written way too much and can’t seem to wrap your mind around how to condense it. But, I’ve already covered that topic with my Twitter 10K blog – Check it out.

Today, I’m focusing on some Twitter tricks that you can immediately apply to your profile the second you’re done reading this blog. I’m all about efficiency and making updates along the way that’ll reap big benefits in the end.

Let’s dive right in to my three Twitter tricks you’ll want to start using.

Twitter Tips

Strong is the new skinny

No, I’m not talking about physique; I’m talking about giving your audience the skinny with a powerful bio. A complete bio has the potential to boost your credibility on Twitter. Think of it this way – it’s essentially your online elevator pitch. You have one, small space of text that’ll catch your readers’ attention and hook them. But, you have to get right to the point. In your bio, you’ll be able to showcase:

  • Your location – Where are you from? No, I’m not trying to be creepy. You really should include your city, state and country.
  • Website URL – If you have a website, you had better slap that URL in your bio. Make sure that the link that you include will take a user to valuable content. Whether it’s your website’s homepage, blog or better yet, a landing page, it better be worth their while. Adding a URL to your bio can help drive traffic to your site and give readers more of what piques their interest – your valuable, informative content.
  • And you are?? – Your bio offers the perfect opportunity to promote yourself in 160 characters or less. You can tell people about who you are, what you do, and why it’s worth their while to follow you. Skip the wordiness and get right to the good stuff – as a side note, use hashtags in your bio. Of course, hashtags that makes sense and associated with interests and your audience’s interests, too.
  • Picture this – Get ready for your close up. Your profile picture is extremely important. It may sound a little vain, but a good head shot goes a long way. Humanize your Twitter feed by including a picture of your face – show off those pearly whites!


To the latter point, pictures are a weapon you’ll want in your Twitter arsenal. You know how the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s true, but in Twitter’s case, a picture is really only worth a 140 characters. When tweeting, you’ll want to select a picture that compliments your words. Your images should be compelling, eye-catching and attention grabbing. Your images should draw a user in to actually reading your words and clicking on your image to see it in its entirety. Crappy pictures are just that – crap. Make sure your pictures aren’t fuzzy or grainy, but hi-res. If it’s pixelated don’t even use it. High quality images and content attracts high quality followers.

Bring your “A” game

The world of social media is constantly evolving. Each day there’s a new algorithm or a new feature that’s available. It’s up to you to stay on top of these changes so that you can better promote you and your services. With that being said, it’s a useful practice to observe what the influencers in your industry are doing. One of my favorite sites to stay up-to-date with the world of social media is Social Media Examiner. This site offers a plethora of social-media knowledge that’s presented in an easily digestible format.

In the end, it takes a combination of all three of these tips to create a Twitter experience that will have people coming back for more. Now go on you little social butterfly you and let those 140-character tweets fly!


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