Here’s How LinkedIn Can Help Your Brand

How can LinkedIn help your brand? Keep reading today’s blog to learn more.

As you already know, LinkedIn is an online social network that’s meant for business professionals and business relationships. This social platform can even be viewed as the “Facebook for business people.”

But, whatever way you look at LinkedIn, this social service is geared specifically for professional networking which includes job searching, locating sales leads and connecting with other business professionals.

So, whether you’re a business to business or consumer to business, LinkedIn is a great resource to turn to in order to promote your brand.

If you’re considering creating a company page for your business, check out these four tips!

Humble brag

Though you were likely taught to be humble with your accomplishments, when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s particularly important to “humble brag” about your company’s accolades. In these posts, a company has the opportunity to highlight awards, employee spotlights or even publications for your company’s industry. Bragging usually has a negative connotation attached to it, however, through this professional network, it’s perfectly acceptable to boast about your accomplishments to show your competitors, clients and even future employees the successes of your company. So with that being said, when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s OK to brag!

Community affair

If your company holds an annual charity event or even an educational workshop, LinkedIn offers its users the chance to promote these events via an event page. All that you have to do is create an event page, fill out all of the application information and then send out the invitations. A great aspect of this feature is that you are able to see who RSVP’d to your event because it will show up on their LinkedIn profile. Not only are you getting people to come to your event, you’re also exposing your company and its event to that person’s network as well.

Meeting grounds

To build off the latter point, once you garner a guest list for your event, take the time to put a personal touch on the invite and send each person a personal message to those you haven’t connected with previously. This humanizes your brand and the event and makes that person feel a sense of community and creates excitement around the event. To this point, it’s important that you make note of who will be in attendance – this will help you maximize your time at the event by mapping out a game plan of who to reach out to and start conversations with in an effort to grow relationships.

Picture this

Many people are visually learners and to fuel their educational appetite, consider using infographics to drive your point home. Visual media is very important for social marketing, though it’s pretty cliché to say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” it’s very accurate in this case because infographics as well as pictures are visually appealing which makes them shareable. Not to mention, as a business owner, you know that time is at a premium, so lengthy text-heavy posts aren’t the best way to articulate a message. That’s why infographics will help you relay a message in a more digestible way.

Take note of these four tips to make your LinkedIn company page stand out among the competition and to attract business people who are interested in what your brand has to offer.


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