Three Things I’ve Learned from Million Dollar Listing New York

Finally, one of my favorite shows on the Bravo Network is back and I couldn’t be more excited.

Much like the other shows on this channel, Million Dollar Listing New York (MDLNY), is filled with drama but a drama that’s unlike the kind that’s seen on the Real Housewives and shows like Vanderpump Rules (both shows are also my guilty pleasure).

In this series, the drama is fueled by competition, by the need to succeed and the thrill of the hunt. MDLNY is all about New York City real estate. But, this isn’t your studio apartment, pee in a pot for $3K a month-type real estate. We’re talking penthouses, apartments with jaw-dropping views and pretty much the most lavish properties you can imagine that exist in NYC.

As a fan of the show, I of course read Fredik Eklund’s book The Sell which I talked about in a previous post and am enamored with his fellow cast mates, Ryan Serhant and Luis Ortiz. All three of these rock-star real estate agents are tenacious, unrelenting and chase after their dreams with a fervor that’s undeniable.

Which leads me to the point of this blog, I want to share with you three lessons that I’ve learned from watching MDLNY over the past few year. These lessons are applicable for everyday life but I feel that they’re particularly geared toward the business world and chasing after your dreams.

Celebrate your success


Though you should try your best to be humble sometimes, it’s OK to humble brag! You work hard, you make sacrifices and you give it your all day in and day out to achieve your goals. So, when you do something that you’ve set out to do, it’s more than fine to celebrate. Like Fredrik, give a high-kick, relish in the moment and keep on moving. There’s a difference between becoming complacent and living in that success for too long. Rather, use those successes as motivation to continue to chase after that feeling again and again and again.

Listen to others

Luis Ortiz

In today’s world, we’re all about who can talk louder to get their point across. This is very apparent in both the republican and democratic presidential debates, for example. The problem is, no one listens. We’re all too caught up in our own opinions that we want to interject into the conversation that we forget to hear what others are saying. Practice listening. Though it sounds strange, the agents on MDLNY have an insane ability to listen to what their clients want and go above and beyond to provide them with what they asked for. Sure, they sometimes think their client’s requests are bizarre but they put aside their own line of thinking and really listen to what their client has to say. This is part of what makes them all insanely successful. They listen to others, craft a plan and deliver. Part of being successful is being able to listen to others and muddle through the noise in order to pinpoint what a person really is saying/needs and these guys do this exceptionally well. So, the next time you’re in a meeting, stop talking and start listening – you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn.

Always be ready

Ryan Serhant

Part of being successful requires always being on your toes. Getting caught flat footed will leave you on the ground while your competitors head straight for the slam dunk.

Being caught off guard is a sign of not being prepared. It takes a triple-D and no, I’m not talking bra size. I’m talking diligence, determination and discipline to focus on your goal and to think of the situation as a whole. Basically, you can never leave a stone left unturned, you have to expect the unexpected and if an issue is to arise, take it for face value, assess the situation and move forward. For MDLNY, there were plenty of times throughout the previous seasons where an unexpected issue came to the surface. Rather than the three agents crawling into their respective holes, they take the issue for what it was worth and handled it with a calm face. Sure, they could be like a duck – calm above the water and paddling like crazy underneath the water, but, their game face was always on. They thought quickly and clearly and handled each situation with ease. They’re always laser-focused on the problem at hand and use their skill-sets to navigate around the issue – It’s this lesson that can be used time and time again in the business setting. Learn it, use it.

In conclusion, high kick when necessary, listen to others and always be on your toes. These were just three lessons I’ve learned over the years watching MDNLY. Here’s to a new season’s worth of insight!

Season 5 of MDLNY premieres tonight at 8/7c on Bravo! Will you be tuning in?


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