Walt Disney World Snack Attack: Volume 1

If you’re visiting Disney World, head over to the Animal Kingdom for a jalapeno-cheese stuffed soft pretzel to celebrate National Pretzel Day!

Four words: jalapeño-cheese stuffed pretzel.

Walt Disney World is so much more than a tremendous theme park. It’s also a place to enjoy some of the most delicious foods that you normally wouldn’t try anywhere else.

I know that the idea of a jalapeño-cheese stuffed pretzel isn’t some mind-blowing dish but the fact of the matter is when you go to Disney World, be prepared to eat… A lot.

Before our trip, Kris and I did a ton of snooping to map out an eating game plan. You know the popular saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” As big food lovers, we definitely made it a point to plan.

So, during our planning, we stumbled on this snack option and made a mental note to grab one while in the Animal Kingdom.

It was 10:30 a.m. and nothing says a mid-morning snack quite like a spicy soft pretzel.

Jalapeno-cheese stuffed pretzel - Animal Kingdrom
Photo: M. Londino

We made our way to the Harambe Fruit Market stand, waited patiently behind an indecisive mother inquiring whether her two year old would like a fruit cup or chips.  After a grueling few minutes, the mom made her executive decision: Chips – so healthy!

But then again who am I to judge?  I’m in line for a cheese stuffed pretzel.

Anyways, Kris and I got our pretzel and went over to enjoy it in the Harambe market food court area.

Harambe Market - Animal Kingdom
Photo: M. Londino

I must admit that this pretzel was unlike anything I’ve ever had before. It was a myriad of textures. Crunchy on the top because of what we think was toasted Parmesan cheese, soft in nature because it’s a soft pretzel and smooth because of the heavenly jalapeño-cheese mixture inside.  Let’s just say if you’re in Disney, this is one pit stop you should definitely take!

The pretzel was only $4.49 and well worth it!




3 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Snack Attack: Volume 1

  1. Wow I have been to Disney so many times and had no Idea about this pretzel! Do you know if it is offered in any other locations around the resort? My Favorite snack at disney is Dole Whip but something savory would be perfect to offset the sweetness of the all sacred Dole Whip!


    1. Yes! They are delicious. You have to try them the next time that you visit! I actually saw that these pretzels were offered at quite a few of the stands around the Animal Kingdom. That’s the only park however, that I’ve ever seen them offered. Dole Whips are AMAZING too. So refreshing!


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