5 Reasons You Should Find a Workout Buddy

Working out is tough. In some cases, it’s not so much the actual fitness aspect, it’s the physically-getting there and trying-aspect of the whole experience that proves to be a challenge.

We all know the benefits of working out. It can help you lose/maintain your weight, aids in heart health and decreases your risk of other medical conditions. Not to mention, if you’re mad or stressed, hitting the weights or pounding the pavement can help reduce those pent up negative feelings.

Even though we know the myriad of health benefits associated with working out, for some reason, actually doing it proves to be a daunting tasks for everyone from time-to-time.

If you’re like me, a human, sometimes you need a push from another human – cue stage right – here comes your workout buddy.

In case you don’t have one, you should consider getting one. Now, there’s no such thing as a Rent-a-Center for fitness friends but, there are people in your life whether it’s a friend, family member or even co-worker who can give you that motivational boost to get moving and chase after your transformation goals.

For me, my workout buddy is my fiance (Awww, how cute!) You know what they say, “A couple that works out together stays together!”  No one said that? Oh.

Anyways, if you’ve seemed to hit a fitness plateau, can’t seem to get the gusto to head to the gym or you simply like a companion to keep you company while working out, a workout buddy might be the answer.

If you’re still wary, here are five reasons you need a friend.

Own up to it

One of the worst feelings is knowing that you let someone down. If you can’t relate, you’re a narcissist. But, I digress. When you have a workout buddy, you’re far more likely to actually workout. How so? Because if you schedule a workout in advance, say during lunch, the odds of you cancelling will decrease because you won’t want to inconvenience your friend. Like I said in a previous blog, accountability is all about planning ahead! Get organized to get moving!

Get competitive 

Let’s face it, every single person has that underlying need to be number one. Channel your competitive nature to be constructive. Working out with a buddy can give you that extra boost to finish the last rep or to run your fastest mile yet. Encourage one another to better yourselves and to push beyond your limits. A little friendly competition never hurt nobody – that is unless you forgot to stretch and pull a muscle. Always stretch.


For some reason when working out with someone else, you have a lot more confidence to try a new fitness move. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as awkward as going up to a machine in the gym only to realize that you’ve just happened upon a fitness Rubik’s Cube that you have zero idea how to use. There’s strength in numbers and this for sure applies to the gym or a workout routine. Try new things and add these exercises to your repertoire to add some variety into your fitness plan!

Ballin’ on a budget

In some cases you might have a friend that’s a fitness freak and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Rather than envy that person and wishing that you could look like them, ask them if you can tag along for their workouts. Not only will you be privy to different workouts, it’ll be like you have your own personal trainer for FREE. After all, the only thing that you want lean in this case is your muscles not your wallet.

Dynamic duo

Burning calories and talking about the latest gossip is pretty entertaining and makes your workout that much more enjoyable. Several studies have been conducted that drive this fact home, too. Now, there is a caveat when having fun while working out. Though it’s great to have someone there to keep your mind off the burn you might be feeling while doing squats or the fact that you’re only a half a mile into your scheduled three-mile run. The most important thing to remember is that you’re there to workout and the bulk of your attention should be on the exercise at hand! As a word to the wise, don’t be one of those people who do a few sets on a machine, send 538 texts and take a mirror selfie and then get back to working out. Focus on your fitness because not paying attention can lead to poor form which can lead to injury! Fitness first, gossip second!

When choosing your workout buddy, find someone that shares your desire to be better, who’s motivated and someone who will push you beyond your limits to succeed!

Here’s to a healthier life!


5 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Find a Workout Buddy

  1. Great tips! It’s also a great way to spend time with someone away from tech and distractions. I love running with my boyfriend, it is a great time for us to spend quality time together, we’re a dynamic duo 🙂


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