Patience to Pride

We live in a world where we want instant gratification. You do something and in the next instant you expect to be praised and your efforts to go as planned.

Though this sounds like a perfect world, i’m here to give you a little dose of reality and a swift kick in the drawers to tell you that that isn’t how life works.

I fall victim to it as well. I want everything to happen when I want it to happen.

I run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and after, I lift up my shirt and hope that I see washboard abs. Obviously I know that’s not how it works but we all expect things to happen as quick as a blink.

It’s no reason that the famous quote says that patience is a virtue because as humans we seem to be intrinsically trained to want something in an instant.

To me, patience is an acquired skill, one that i’m still working to add to my tool kit. This whole idea got me thinking about how much patience has to do with the business world.

I work as a Content Manager at a digital advertising agency so each and every day i’m creating content for blogs and social media. With each word that I write, every picture that I post, I anxiously wait to see if that moved the needle. Within hours, if I don’t see the results that I had hoped for, I sometimes chalk it up as a failure.

I ask myself, “Why didn’t that work?” “What can I do better?”

When in reality, I should really be asking myself, “Why am I expecting to see results in such a quick time-frame?”

This leads me back to the title of this blog – patience to pride.

Pride is earned. It’s not given. Pride is something that is worked for, it’s something that takes time to attain.

In the world of social media we have to test, test, test and then test some more. Every day is a new chance to try something new, to see if this content works or that content works. It’s a revolving door of trial and error. But, isn’t that the beauty of the industry?

Everyday is different which means that each time the clock resets to a new 24 hours, we’re given the chance to use our God-given talents to try and make a difference.

The most important part of this daily equation is patience. It takes time and it takes effort to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s only then, after you’ve given something TIME to run its course that you can feel a sense of pride in what you’re doing.

It’s a fickle mentality to think that you know if something worked or something didn’t work after only a matter of days or even weeks. Let things run their course and when you know that you’ve rung out every last drop of creativity out of that content it’s at that point that you can take a step back and reassess.

My lesson today is to really take a step back in not only your business but in your life and really think on the idea of patience to pride and see what this means in your life.

Thanks for reading!


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